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Maximum Overdrive Redux?

Last night at SANS SecWest 2010 in San Diego I gave a presentation I’ve been working on called “Maximum Overdrive Redux”, looking at exploiting embedded and smart hardware systems.В  We started off with the AC/DC Video from the 1986 Stephen King movie about how machines take over and start killing people, eventually manipulating them into [...]

May 10, 2010   Posted in: Hardware, Smart Grid  No Comments

MiFi Config Hack

In my previous post, I wrote about a method to exploit the default password selection on Verizon MiFi devices.В  As a MiFi user, I’m also interested in other ways I can manipulate the device. The configuration settings for the MiFi are fairly straightforward, and some users have pointed out that there are additional settings that [...]

February 3, 2010   Posted in: Hardware  3 Comments

Webcast Tomorrow: Smart Grid and AMI Security Concerns

Tomorrow at 1pm EST Matt Carpenter (InGuardians), Walt Sikura (Industrial Defender) and I are delivering a webcast titled “Smart Grid and AMI Security Concerns” where we talk about the security challenges of the smart grid, discussing tools and techniques through which an attacker could exploit the security of the smart grid. I’m very fortunate to [...]

July 22, 2009   Posted in: Hardware, Penetration Testing, Smart Grid  4 Comments

Reversing the Microchip Zena ZigBee Sniffer

A few days ago I bought a Microchip Zena ZigBee sniffer. This USB HID device comes with simple software for Windows that captures and decodes 2.4 GHz 802.15.4, ZigBee, MiWi (Microchip stack) and MiWi-P2P traffic. It’s $150, which is a little steep considering that it is a PIC18LF with USB and a MRF24J40 radio, but [...]

May 10, 2009   Posted in: Hardware, Linux, Reverse Engineering, ZigBee  8 Comments