A simple tool to convert packet captures in 802.11 format to Ethernet format. Lots of tools can only understand Ethernet link types, so I wrote this tool to convert captures to a format that they can understand. Note that this tool is really only useful for encrypted traffic.


Sept. 18 2009

Robin Wood on the WiFiSec mailing list asked about converting wireless packet captures to Ethernet format.  I suggested he use wlan2eth, but he ran into trouble with the lack of support for PPI headers.  Problem solved in wlan2eth 1.3 which includes support for the PPI header format, available in the download section below.

May 13 2009

Adrian Crenshaw on the PaulDotCom Mailing List asked about a problem with using wlan2eth where it converted 0 packets. Turns out, I never added support for any link type other than DLT_IEEE802_11, so I’ve updated the tool to convert other link types as well, as well as converting ad-hoc network traffic too. Grab the new version in the download section, below.


Downloading, extracting, building and using wlan2eth

Downloading, extracting, building and using wlan2eth


This is a very simple tool. To build the source, type “make”. This will produce a binary called “wlan2eth”. Run the command with no arguments to get basic help information:

$ ./wlan2eth
This tool re-writes 802.11 captures into standard Ethernet frames. Version 1.2.
Usage: wlan2eth infile outfile

Specify a wireless packet capture as an input file, and the name of the desired Ethernet-format output file. Wlan2eth will only convert data frames to the output file, which will likely result in a significantly smaller output packet capture file. Note that wlan2eth will only convert unencrypted frames (if there is a reason you would want to convert encrypted frames to Ethernet format, please let me know).


wlan2eth 1.3
Linux source (8K, MD5: 3112bf518f2478940e8103ca716d6b57)

wlan2eth 1.2
Linux source (5K, MD5: f537a782003ff39d776381cb6c017ff0)

wlan2eth 1.0
Linux source (5K, MD5: eab34c7d77a23e8175ac3a6a8b93517f)