[People see] you as a guy who sits in a dark room hacking away until he breaks whatever he’s trying to break…and then emerges victorious with a hacker tool and some basic documentation. Then he posts it to a website, attends a conference to show the world the nightmare that awaits them, and then retreats to the dark room to start over.
Devin Akin, CTO of CWNP

Joshua Wright: “Sometimes they let me out of my cave.”


I appreciate the joy of success, and the pain of defeat. Hacking is really about learning a technology to a level of understanding that most people can’t reach, and then using that level of understanding in new and interesting ways.

I’m not really into hacking for sushi. I’d much rather hack it for the challenge of doing so. Once I have hacked it, I often become bored with it and move on to something else. This may explain why a lot of the tools I’ve written are not adequately maintained.


I’ve decided that Linux is my only OS love. Windows is too frustrating. OSX is painfully slow to navigate and operate.


I have a bachelor of science degree in information technology from Johnson & Wales University in Providence RI. I started as a marketing student, but I realized quickly that marketing is the overly complex process of labeling large groups of people. I switched to technology, and never looked back. I had wonderful instructors, who believed in me and showed me that I could make a positive impact in the world using computer science. I’ll be forever grateful to them.


I work with a team of wonderfully talented people at Counter Hack doing security consulting and research. I’m very fortunate to work with industry luminaries such as Ed Skoudis, Tim Medin, Tom Hessman, Jeff McJunkin, and Lynn Schifano!


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