MiFi Config Hack

In my previous post, I wrote about a method to exploit the default password selection on Verizon MiFi devices.  As a MiFi user, I’m also interested in other ways I can manipulate the device.

The configuration settings for the MiFi are fairly straightforward, and some users have pointed out that there are additional settings that can be applied via a customized config file (browse to Advanced -> Config File -> Download File then edit and upload).  However, the MiFi also has a hidden advanced configuration page accessible at that is not otherwise linked on the administrative pages.

Hidden MiFi Configuration Page

Hidden MiFi Configuration Page

On this page we are able to set a variety of options not accessible with the default management interface:

  • Leverage WEP as an encryption and authentication mechanism (yay!);
  • Increase the number of simultaneous stations allowed to share the MiFi WLAN at any given time;
  • Adjust the transmit power level of the WLAN interface for more range or longer battery life;
  • Manipulate other wireless settings very few people understand and even fewer care about.

These changes have been available by manually editing the config.xml file previously, but now you can do it without all the hassle of XML+notepad.