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The Mobile Malware Connection

Today was Part II of the Taste of SANS Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking webcast trilogy, “The Mobile Malware Connection”.В  In this session we looked at the growing prevalence of mobile malware, primarily affecting Android devices but also appearing in iOS and BlackBerry devices as well.В  Malware authors have been quick to realize the [...]

June 21, 2012   Posted in: Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Malware, Mobile, Windows Phone  No Comments

Invasion of the Mobile Phone Snatchers

Today I delivered the first of a trilogy of webcasts promoting my new course with the SANS Institute “Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking” (Security 575). In the presentation we look at the threat of lost or stolen mobile devices, examining how an attacker can use backup tools to extract data from mobile devices, bypass [...]

June 1, 2012   Posted in: Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Hacking, iPhone, Mobile, Penetration Testing, Windows Phone  No Comments