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GIAC GAWN Ethical Hacking Wireless Testing Aid

David Cash, one of my fabulous Ethical Hacking Wireless students in my SANS vLive! class, has been diligently working every week to maintain a comprehensive index and table of contents for all 6 days of course material. Not only is he a whiz at pwning wireless, he’s pretty good at indexing, too. David agreed to [...]

August 6, 2010   Posted in: Administrative  2 Comments

Rockin the WordPress Site

Admittedly, I can’t design a web page.В  I understand the mechanics of HTML and CSS, but making something actually look good, that’s beyond me. Formerly, this site was powered by iWeb, which is very limiting and awkward to use (what iWeb couldn’t do for me, I did in a shell script which was run before [...]

April 11, 2009   Posted in: Administrative  2 Comments