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Things I Wish Didn’t Tell Me

Amazon recently added a reporting function where you can get a CSV of your buying habits for any specified date period.В  I took a few minutes to do some analysis. Q: Will I sign up to renew my Amazon Prime account when it expires? A: YES! -Josh

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Wordlist Generation – CeWL on Ubuntu

CeWL is a custom wordlist generator written by Robin Wood. Written in Ruby, CeWL takes a target website as an argument and crawls the site for HTML, MS Office (2007 and earlier) and PDF documents. For each supported document, CeWL extracts the words, email addresses and metadata to build a wordlist. Used with tools such [...]

December 17, 2009   Posted in: Tool  2 Comments

Cowpatty 4.6 (with less teh suck)

As it turns out, there was a pretty significant bug in cowpatty 4.5 and earlier when built on systems with a more modern version of OpenSSL than what I was testing against: typedef struct { unsigned char k_ipad[65]; unsigned char k_opad[65]; unsigned char k_ipad_set; unsigned char k_opad_set; } SHA1_CACHE;   struct SHA1_CACHE cached; SHA1_CTX context; [...]

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Cowpatty 4.5

After too much time I have posted coWPAtty 4.5 with several fixes and a couple of new features: Fewer restrictions on collecting the data needed to mount an attack.В  The default behavior requires all 4 frames of the 4-way handshake to mount an attack.В  If you specify “-2″ on the command-line, coWPAtty will only require [...]

June 4, 2009   Posted in: 802.11, Penetration Testing, Security, Tool  4 Comments

Kismet-Newcore Screenshots

Dragorn has posted a bunch of screenshots for Kismet-Newcore, demonstrating some of the cool UI features including traffic activity timeline view, update client list view, plugins view, network details view, color preferences, channel utilization (signal and noise) view, and channel configuration. Check them out at -Josh

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Kismet Newcore RC1 Released

Just a little while ago, dragorn released RC1 of Kismet-Newcore, the much-awaited next-generation of Kismet. From the release news: After 5+ years of development, this staging release is to work out any final minor issues before a full release. Kismet-2009-05-RC1 is expected to be fully functional, so please report problems on the forums or via [...]

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Wlan2eth 1.2 Release

Wlan2eth is a tool I wrote to convert 802.11 packet captures into Ethernet-style captures; I find this useful when working with various sundry tools that don’t properly handle 802.11 frames. Adrian Crenshaw sent in a bug report for wlan2eth where he was getting the following output: $ ./wlan2eth ../forjosh.pcap out.dump Converted 0 packets. Turns out [...]

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