Comments on “A Teenager’s View on Social Media”

A friend shared an article written by Andrew Watts. I really enjoyed his article on social media for its perspective. I’ll be 40 this year, and I have no idea why people would want to participate in the garbage that is Yik Yak or Snapchat. The Yik Yak slogan to “Join the Herd” makes me want to express my individualism by not installing Yik Yak. However, I realize that I am not the target audience for these apps. Further, it’s I realize it is important to recognize these developments in apps, both from a parent perspective, and from a technology perspective.

Join the Herd

Join the herd

From a parent perspective, it’s useful to think about Tumblr vs. Instagram, and why your kids would friend you on Instagram, but not tell you about their secret Tumblr account. Be informed about what your kids are doing.

From a security perspective, it’s useful to think about how anonymity is achieved with Yik Yak, and the impact of UUID and GPS disclosure going to a central database in the cloud.

Give this article the 10 minutes it takes to read, and 5 minutes more to think about it. Then, go hug your kids.